25 April, 2019
Dear Alanita Travel Clients,
      As many of you may know, Jet Airways has recently seized all flight operations. This fact has had a major impact on many of our client’s travel plans. We, at Alanita Travel, are doing our absolute 100% best to take care of all of our clients to the best of our abilities and the best we can with the options available to us. We are diligently working with Jet Airways partner airlines as well for possible re-accommodations.
      We have recently received some complaints about the delay in handling clients holding Jet Airways tickets that are in need of our assistance. We do regret any delay some clients may be experiencing but please ask that all our clients be sensitive to the fact that we are handling literally thousands of affected passengers and it is a timely process.
      We truly thank our loyal clients as well as our dedicated staff working long hours to accommodate our passengers with Jet Airways tickets.
Al and Anita.
ticket 3397