Date Change And Authorization Form

Date Change And Authorization Form

***This form must be FULLY completed before date changes can be made.***

To: Alanita Travel®, 87 Common Street, Watertown,
MA 02472    
Ph: (617) 923-4810    
Fax No:(617) 701-1750
Please Fax this to (617) 701-1750 or scan it as a PDF FILE ONLY to

I, (Credit card holder's Name) request Alanita Travel® to to make the following date changes noted below and authorize Alanita Travel ® / SLT / CTS / MRT / TAT to charge the amount listed below.

- Alanita Travel® is not responsible for seat assignment, Frequent Flyer numbers, meal preference or VISA REQUIREMENTS of any kind
- If your ticket is refundable or changeable, it must be canceled more than 24 hours before departure to be eligible for refund or date changes
-In case of any legal disputes, all claims must be brought in a court located in Middlesex County, State of Massachusetts, USA.

**Please check your itinerary for name spellings. We do not use this page for spelling corrections***

Names of Passengers:(Last Name / First Name)

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*If passengers are not flying on same dates as each other, please fill out separate forms for each passenger.


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Please send a copy of your credit card front and back *lighten copy please

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