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Please check with airlines regarding baggage allowance before purchasing your tickets.


For the following Airlines
you can also call us at 1-888-465-4282
as you may get lower fares over the phone
for international travel only.
(and lower fares than other online booking agencies / airlines)


British Airways                     Delta
Air France                                      American
Alitalia                                             United
Us Airways                                      Continental
Air New Zealand                            Czech Airlines
      Air Europa                                 Tap Portugal Airlines


Attention all Alanita Travel Customers

As we are very excited to introduce our new online booking, that does not mean that in any way we have changed our customer service approach we have had for so many years. This online booking engine has been set up for the convenience of our customers who prefer to shop online for their fares, and make purchases online.

If you are someone who prefers that personal touch, please feel free to call us as you always have and speak with one of our highly trained professional travel agents.

Please know that whether you buy online or over the phone, that our excellent travel agents are available to you before, during, and after the sale, regardless of whether you have purchased online or over the phone.


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